Sick And Tired

People fail in business because of their broken focus. Lose the fire in their belly, sort of speak. The fire I am referring  to is the Dreams we had at one time or another. Those dreams we had when we were going to make an impact in the world with our contribution of being a Doctor, an Attorney, a Movie Star, a professional athlete or even a teacher, to make an impact in children lives. What about the dream of making a lot of money to be able to drive that cherry red sport car, or have that palatial Victorian home, or travel all over the world. That is how we used to think when we used to think big before the everyday struggles pushed those dreams to the bottom of our gut and we forgot about them.

What one needs to do is to do some soul searching and find those dreams that are important to you because those dreams are still in you, they never really go away. Finding your dream, your reason why is what is going to give you the push you are going to need to get off and running. If you need a little push maybe you should get Sick and Tired of waking up to your alarm clock, Robert Kiyosaki author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series  wrote, “build your own business or expect to take orders for the rest of your life” Maybe you should get sick and tired of having someone tell you when you can eat lunch or when you can leave. Maybe you should get sick and tired of having someone tell you what days you have off and you can spend them with your family. Maybe you should be sick and tired  of someone telling you where you can live ,what you can buy, or what you can drive with the salary they pay you. Maybe you are sick and tired  of not able to provide for your family the way you really would like.

This is the hard reality, If you continue to do the things that put you in the position that you are sick and tired of you are going to continue receiving the things you are sick and tired of. You are going to need to change your thoughts, your thoughts govern your habits, and your habits gives you the results. You want to feed yourself positive thoughts so you can get into good habits to get your successful results.